<i>GFG mbH - Gesellschaft für Geländewagen - Gewerbegebiet 15 - 99894 Leinatal</i> <i>GFG mbH - Gesellschaft für Geländewagen - Gewerbegebiet 15 - 99894 Leinatal</i> <i>GFG mbH - Gesellschaft für Geländewagen - Gewerbegebiet 15 - 99894 Leinatal</i> <i>GFG mbH - Gesellschaft für Geländewagen - Gewerbegebiet 15 - 99894 Leinatal</i>


G-meet update:

Unfortunately, there were not as many registrations for the G-Meet as needed in order for the event to take place in the “Thuringeti“
Therefore, we will not be able to use these extensive grounds and thus the event cannot take place to the extent planned.
Instead, we would like to invite you to a free roadbook tour over roads through the Thuringian Forest on Saturday, September 09, 2017. We will meet at the GFG headquarters at 11 am and will end the tour at around 5 pm. Afterwards you are welcome to top off the day with a bonfire and while away the evening.
In addition, there will the “G-Wagen Summer Festival” hosted by the “G-Wagen Magazin International” in Jänschwalde from June 14-17, 2018. GFG is a supporting partner of this event and we would be glad to welcome you there as well.
Best Wishes
Your GFG team


It has been in the works for a long time but now planning has finally been completed:
The Agrar GmbH Crawinkel has submitted a complete offer for the event which includes:
Event tent for the G drivers
Driving and playing in the “Thuringeti“
2 x breakfast
2 x lunch
1 x dinner (Saturday)
1 x buffet (Friday, including historical ball if wanted)
Usage of the “Thuringeti” and a campsite for camper vehicles is included
Of course, the GFGmbH will again donate 3 kegs of beer.
For catering and the usage of the venue there is a fee of 250.00 € per person to cover the costs. We have to pay this fee in advance to the Agrar GmbH. Therefore, we would like to ask you to bindingly register by August 20, 2017. We will then send you an invoice that should be paid by August 31, 2017. The first 100 registrants will receive the following one-off bonus: GFG will pay 50.00 € of their fee.
Friday, September 08, 2017
- Arrival from 08:00am onwards
- First talks and handover of the registrations
- Joint lunch
- Bonfire (starting at 6:00pm), opening of the G-meet Germany
- Buffet (3 kegs of free beer)
Saturday, September 09, 2017
- Breakfast (starting at 07.30am)
- Guided tour into the “Thuringeti” (starting at 09:00am)
- Roadbook tour through the Thuringian Forest (approximately 3 hours)
- Joint lunch at 1:00pm
- Visit of the industrial monument “Tobiashammer” http://tobiashammer.de/start/start.php
- Another chance to drive through the “Thuringeti”
- 7:00pm: party with great conversations
Sunday, September 10, 2017
- Breakfast (starting at 08:00am)
- Helicopter rides over the “Thuringeti” (weather permitting)
- Driving in an abandoned stone quarry
- Open house at GFGmbH
- 3:00pm: Farewell und have a safe trip home!
PS: With your registration you will receive free admission to the “Internationale Deutsche Meisterschaften der Kavallerie” (International German Cavalry Championships) from September 08-10, 2017


The "UTE" version of the G 300 CDI Professional is a exellent base for a G camper , expeditionmobile and motorhome. 
A fuelefficient V6 Dieselengine with 184bhp, long  wheelbase (3400mm), G- reliability, 3 Diff- locks and  very good payload  give it the first choise for expedition use. 

The GFG has aditional extras to customise the vehicle. Versions up to 5,0 t, Suspensionupgrade, Winchbumper, Roofrack, Off Road Tires, Portalaxle kit, Tirepreshursystem (CTS), etc.

Mercedes-Benz stopped the production for „Privat Customers“ for this vehicle.

At GFG you become it as single or dobble cabin.
As base vehicle we can use every „regular G“. A frame stretching or a new longframe makes the space like at the "original UTE".

Engine, extras and interieur we can choose from every G you want.
We did a lot off this cars in the past, they are in service worlwide.

Extra discount weeks in spring :
On orders from € 700.00 you get the mountain belts Art. Nr. 9423 for FREE.*
*Only long as available