<i>GFG mbH - Gesellschaft für Geländewagen - Gewerbegebiet 15 - 99894 Leinatal</i> <i>GFG mbH - Gesellschaft für Geländewagen - Gewerbegebiet 15 - 99894 Leinatal</i> <i>GFG mbH - Gesellschaft für Geländewagen - Gewerbegebiet 15 - 99894 Leinatal</i> <i>GFG mbH - Gesellschaft für Geländewagen - Gewerbegebiet 15 - 99894 Leinatal</i>

Sales Department

Astounding news has reached us from Stuttgart and Graz that the production contract for the G between Daimler AG and Magna/Steyer has been extended to the model year 2020. But it gets better still: The number of produced vehicles is to go up to 10,500 units in 2012 and is to be increased to as many as 20,000 units. Therewith the G will experience a renaissance that no-one thought possible when the 12,500 units produced in 1990 were considered a mark that would never again be reached. An insider from Stuttgart said: „The G is like a B-movie villain; whenever it receives a lethal blow and is presumed dead, it gets up again and keeps marching on!“.

In fact the G has so far mastered all obstacles like exhaust regulations, pedestrian protection etc. It almost seems as if the “product division G class“ (short PBG) were a small last enclave of freedom, besieged and trapped by EU bureaucrats who want to finish off the G. Whenever the powerful politicians from Brussels think they killed the G with a new law, PBG pulls a new magic potion (Bluetec etc.) from the hat and the G lives on! That’s the spirit ;-) and thanks a lot!
GFG will continue to devotedly take care of all Gs that drive up at our place in Gotha and we are having a lot of fun doing it. 

GFG Jagdwagen / Hunting Car (230GE G-Kat)
To cater for the needs of hunters we have the hunting car called “Jagdwagen“ in our portfolio, a Mercedes W 461 230GE long. A pure off-road vehicle without a lot of sensitive frills, it features a sheet metal floor with drainage channels instead of a carpet, MT tyres, and simple technology instead of a lot of electronics.
The newly rebuilt vehicle fulfils the Euro2 Norm and will therefore receive the green environmental badge, which means an affordable vehicle tax. The vehicle was completely redone with original Mercedes-Benz parts.

To provide the Mercedes G W 460 with a second long life, body and frame were separated and completely sprayed. Seats, top, brake lines, tyres, and many other parts are new. In addition, frame and body were completely wax-preserved.
The full convertible pick-up with an optional fold-down windscreen has a 4-speed automatic transmission and differential locks on both axles.

The 2.3 litre petrol-driven car has 122hp.

The “Jagdwagen“ costs 19,000 € and the first ready-to-use vehicle is already standing in Gotha.

Further vehicles are deliverable on order.

G-Raid equipment package “Dakar“ for G 500, G 55 AMG, G 63 AMG
5 X 265/75/16 BFG AT speed rating “S“ on MB 16" light alloy heavy-duty rims (G 500)
5 X 265/70/17 BFG AT speed rating “S“ on 17" light alloy heavy-duty rims (G 55 AMG)
5 X 265/60/19 speed rating “H“ on 19" AMG light alloy rims (G 63 AMG)

Shock absorbers:
4 X 2.5 inch G-Raid King special shock absorbers

Additional headlights:
Hella Luminator Compact (Xenon)

Underride guard:
CFRP special part GFG

Special steering wheel:
Lined with suede leather

Chassis springs:
Off-road version for poor road conditions

Dakar logo on the wings and centre console